Requirements collaboration


Collaborate and communicate. Take advantage of Visure Requirements’ architecture and communication capabilities!

By definition, requirements management is a collaborative task: users, stakeholders, analysts, engineers, product managers, QA, etc. they all must work together with the requirements. Every change, every modification must be documented, tracked and analyzed by several roles. Visure Requirements support this collaboration with several mechanisms and features.


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Feature List

  • Visure Requirements comes with a complete check-in/out mechanism like the ones implemented by CVS system. Every modification is recorded along with the users performing it.
  • Customize the UI for each user, not just creating specific views but also specifying the options, toolbars and tabs available.
  • Create discussion forums associated with the different elements (requirements, tests, etc.)
  • VR allows several users working over the same elements at the same time. Work with one requirement without blocking the others!
  • Visure Requirements seamlessly integrates with MS Office to import and export any item (requirements, tests, use cases, change requests, etc.) and help users work with a proper environment according to their specific needs.


  • Have several users working concurrently
  • Keep tracks of all changes (and rationale!) performed over the elements
  • Involve all the required roles in the requirements process